We believe that product discovery is extremely valuable for both business owners and our own team members to understand what is being build, why and for who. Usually, clients contact us when in one of the following two stages of the idea. No matter what stage you are in, our team of experts will help you bring your idea to life.


product discovery

You have an idea based on the market opportunity you explored, but the vision for the product has not yet been defined

You are in a phase that requires design thinking service that will help both you (and our team) understand the outcome of your product, set your product goals, prioritize product features, and decide how your product will evolve over time while in use by end-users as soon as possible. This preliminary research phase will help us come up with a design that solves real user problems and brings business value.



product DELIVERY

You have a well thought out idea, your product requirements are ready, and you seek out experts who will put your vision into the software

We offer a team of experts who will come up with a high-quality solution for you. We offer bespoke development services both for front-end and back-end, that covers the entire development cycle, from concept to distribution and leverage a proven agile methodology and in-house talent. We develop mobile apps for both Android and IOS that give an impact on your business augmentation. Our app development services encompass the full process, from product strategy, development to store submission. The project team is comprised of experts who specialize in design and development and have launched successful products for some of the world’s largest organizations. Our goal is to be the very best in what we do. We constantly take up new challenges and improve. We are happy to make an influence on other people’s lives and businesses with what we do so we always tend to keep the commitments we make and strive to deliver quality products in accordance with the latest norms and standards.

Therefore, at the beginning of the project we organise a workshop with key stakeholders and the following agenda:​

3 Research & Discovery

Understand goals, user personas, real-life problems, challenges, opportunities, and output an initial feature list.

4 Product Definition

Capture, define and prioritize the features of your digital product and close the scope.

5 Visualisation

Create and present user journeys, story maps, wireframes, and mockups.

6 Present & Confirm

Present clickable prototype and capture feedback from the key stakeholders based on user interaction.

From this point, the development process evolves over the following stages:​

7 Development

Develop your solution in accordance with the up to date standards.

8 Testing

We will make sure your software works flawless before it goes live.

9 Deployment

We can take over server or cloud deployment and store submission process.

10 Maintenance & Support

We make sure your software unconditionally and flawlessly runs 24/7.