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Counting system for Slovenian Railways

We have developed an innovative solution known as the Train Passenger Occupancy (TPO) system, which encompasses the following components:

1. Application for Train On-Board Passenger Counting System (PCS): This application facilitates the counting of passengers on board a train, providing valuable data on seat occupancy and seat reservations.

2. Integration of PCS with Train On-Board Ticket Validation System (OBTVS): The PCS application is seamlessly integrated with the OBTVS, allowing for streamlined ticket validation processes.

The Slovenian pilot project, conducted as part of the comprehensive In2stempo initiative, aims to implement and test the TPO system. This system enables the integration, processing, and display of information generated by intelligent trains equipped with dedicated devices and connected to a back-office system. The TPO system generates data on seat occupancy, seat reservations, and ticket validations.

The technical solution involves the delivery of hardware, software, and services necessary for the implementation and monitoring of the Passenger Counting System (PCS) and the On-Board Ticket Validation System (OBTVS). The TPO system, comprising both PCS and OBTVS, has been successfully implemented and tested on a unit train operating on the Slovenian railway network.

University system

We have developed a comprehensive system specifically designed for university management, encompassing three essential modules: the student module, tutors’ module, and admin module. This system is currently being used by multiple universities.

The admin module serves as a central hub accessible to all university employees who are not tutors. It empowers administrators to add and manage faculties, departments, subjects, announcements, student data, user data, and more. Additionally, this module generates various reports crucial for the university’s end-of-academic-year requirements. It includes a library and a financial system to track student payments, issue reminders, and manage access to the system accordingly.

The tutors’ module streamlines the workload of tutors by facilitating the addition of student obligations such as classes, assignments, subject materials, and other relevant tasks. A notable feature of this module is the automated calculation of total grades and the ability to grade students using the system, making the grading process more efficient.

The student module empowers students by providing a platform to upload homework, access and monitor their grades, register for upcoming exams, request documents, receive announcements, and perform various other tasks. Furthermore, students can use the system to communicate with tutors and interact with their peers.

Our system caters to the diverse needs of universities, offering seamless management of academic processes, enhancing communication between stakeholders, and providing valuable tools and resources for both administrators and students

Uber-like ordering app for cleaning service

We have developed an Uber-like ordering app for a cleaning service, featuring both web and mobile applications. The web application serves as the admin panel, allowing administrators to manage various aspects of the service. This includes adding cleaners to the system, defining available services, specifying available dates, and handling any other necessary data for a smooth ordering flow. The admin panel also enables the generation of reports based on specific parameters and provides an overview of all orders. Administrators can process refunds, make changes to orders, and reassign cleaners if needed.

On the other hand, the mobile application is designed for clients who wish to order cleaning services. Clients can use the app to browse and select specific services offered. Additionally, they have the option to customize their order by choosing add-ons, such as fridge cleaning. The app allows clients to enter their address, leave any additional notes if necessary, and even upload images of the space requiring cleaning. To enhance the user experience and convenience, the app offers the option to create a profile. By doing so, clients can save their addresses, payment methods, and easily repeat previous orders with just a simple click, which proves beneficial for frequent service users.

This combination of web and mobile applications provides a seamless and user-friendly ordering experience for clients, while empowering administrators with efficient management tools for the cleaning service.

Voting system for Miss Universe UAE

We have developed a voting system for Miss Universe UAE, which encompasses a web application with specific features. The admin panel allows administrators to add contestants who will be displayed on the website for voting. The website itself provides a voting function, which is supported by a payment system. This means that individuals must make a payment to have their votes counted for their chosen contestant. Once the payment is processed, the votes are tallied accordingly.

Given the significance of the event, we have ensured that the system is robust enough to handle a substantial volume of requests. It has been designed to withstand a minimum of 100,000 simultaneous payment and vote counting requests. This ensures a seamless and efficient experience for users, even during periods of high activity and heavy traffic.

The voting system offers a reliable and secure platform for participants and fans to support their favorite Miss Universe UAE contestants, combining the convenience of online voting with the assurance of a payment system to maintain fairness and integrity.


Verify365 is a cutting-edge digital platform that revolutionizes client onboarding and electronic identity verification (eIDV) processes. It stands out as the first truly digital and fully automated solution of its kind.

The platform has garnered significant traction, with over 500 law firms already utilizing it as customers or users across various regions, including the UK, Australia, Canada, and the Middle East.

Key features of the platform include:

1. DynamicID® Biometric/NFC ID Verification Check: This utilizes advanced AI technology and machine learning for the most comprehensive and secure biometric and NFC (Near Field Communication) ID verification check.

2. Global PEPs & Sanctions (+Adverse Media) Check: This feature performs comprehensive checks against over 1,500 global watchlists, ensuring compliance with regulations. Ongoing monitoring keeps the information up to date.
3. Global Address Verification Check: Through integration with databases like CRA (Credit Reference Agency) and the global Electoral Register, this check validates addresses on a global scale.
4 .Open Banking Statements with Analytics: This unique functionality allows for FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)-regulated digital bank statement checks. It offers instant connections to over 4,000 banks in the UK, Europe, and Australia, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
5. Source of Funds / Proof of Ownership Checks: The platform facilitates dynamic forms and questionnaires, along with document uploads, to streamline the process of verifying the source of funds and proof of ownership.
6. AML Lite Verification (Dashboard Check): For simple anti-money laundering (AML) verifications, the platform provides dashboard-based checks, making compliance procedures more straightforward.
7. Company Checks: Verify365 offers comprehensive Know Your Business (KYB) global checks, including ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) verifications. It enables instant checks on over 500 million companies worldwide, including access to certificates of incorporation, accounts checks, and more.
8. eSignatures: The platform integrates advanced and qualified electronic signatures (QES) compliant with HM Land Registry. This feature is seamlessly incorporated into the client onboarding journey.
9. ePayments: As part of the client journey, Verify365 incorporates integrated digital payment capabilities. It supports popular payment methods such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, ensuring convenience and efficiency.
10.eForms: Users have access to a range of digital e-forms, including conveyancing forms, TA-forms, and company house forms. This feature streamlines the completion and submission of essential documents.

Rezzrv - Booking Platform for University Clinical Center Ljubljana

The University Clinical Center Ljubljana, the largest hospital in Slovenia, handles a significant portion of patient treatments in the country, with a capacity of 2000 beds, around 700,000 outpatient treatments, and 250,000 hospitalizations annually.

To streamline their administrative processes and enhance patient services, we have developed a booking platform specifically for the University Clinical Center Ljubljana. This platform enables patients to book non-clinical services offered by the hospital. By implementing this system, their administrators no longer need to engage in direct communication with numerous patients regarding appointment details, thus reducing administrative stress.

The booking platform is designed to be user-friendly, benefiting both hospital employees and patients. It effectively manages scheduling and improves overall productivity within the hospital department. The system offers efficiency and effectiveness in managing bookings.

Rezzrv is a fully functional scheduling system that can be utilized in various settings requiring scheduling capabilities. The system supports the addition of services, including details such as service duration and whether it can be ordered via the call center or directly through the service. It also allows for the configuration of working places, their schedules, the services offered at each place, and the number of staff members assigned.

Furthermore, the system accommodates call centers by providing a calendar component that enables call center agents to make appointments for clients calling in. Additionally, there is a self-service component that allows clients to make appointments using a web application. Clients can choose from various available services and schedule appointments for multiple individuals simultaneously. The system automatically suggests the earliest available appointment time for the chosen service, but clients can select a different time if necessary.

Collaboration with Httpool by Aleph

Httpool by Aleph holding develop and upgrade a new Twitter ad manager system. In this collaboration, Edge Case Solutions, an experienced technology partner, played a crucial role. The primary goal was to enhance the efficiency of client advertising campaigns on Twitter by providing them with comprehensive and insightful statistics, enabling a better understanding of campaign performance.

To accomplish this, the team at Edge Case Solutions dedicated significant efforts to working with extensive databases containing millions of records. The focus was on ensuring a seamless user experience, maintaining 100% uptime, and optimizing system speed to facilitate efficient campaign management.

The collaboration between Aleph Holding and Edge Case Solutions aimed to deliver a robust and high-performing Twitter ad manager. The new system empowers clients to create more impactful ads on Twitter, while also providing them with detailed statistics and insights into campaign performance. Meticulous database management, prioritization of system uptime, and performance optimization were key aspects of the project, ultimately resulting in optimal outcomes for clients.