We bring ideas to life.

We are a software development company with many years of experience in the high tech industry.

Our Services

Our team can help you with

Concept & Design

We will help you test your ideas with minimal risk and predict success before you invest.

Software Development

We will bring your software to life from the ground up in accordance with the latest standards and norms.

Mobile Applications

Our expert team will build you the best fit native mobile or responsive web apps for your requirements.

Brand & Identity

If you need branding, our designers will create a modern visual identity for your company, service or product.


We will help you set structures, processes, and policies around your software to minimize risk and maximize value.

Digital Marketing

Our team will help you leverage digital channels to increase customers and maximize your product potential.

” Our mission is to help clients maximize their business potential in their respective domains by developing technologies for automating and streamlining their business, product and marketing processes. “
Zejd Čičak, MSc IT
CTO, Edge Case Solutions

Why Choose Us?

Well here are couple of pointers

Build products for your users not for your self

To help you build the best possible product, we first need to become familiar with your business. We try to discover your customers and recognize the values that your product brings to them. We gather information as much information about them as possible, who they are, what they do, what are their habits (to the level of how often they brush their teeth) in order to deliver a life value and give them a reason to spend money on your product and be a returning customer.

Lets solve problems and make a difference

We will focus on the problems of your customers in the context of your business and find out what they really need. With innovative product development methods, we will jointly build a set of ingenious potential proposals for solving problems. Any solution at this stage will be treated as a presumption or hypothesis until it has been confirmed by the marked. Ides will be sketched and using various modern methods validated while still on paper, thus saving money for unnecessary development. We will determine the purpose of the product and how it aligns with the goals of your business.

Start with a battle plan and conquer the market

We believe that building a product starts with excellent user experience. Processes, data, technology and everything else needs to be subordinated to the thrill and excitement customers feel while using your product. This principle undoubtedly drives sales. First, we will identify and determine user roles in your system (for example buyers, sales representatives, customer support, sales agents, …), then we will focus on perfecting their journey through your product to discover requirements that will be developed. With a couple of iterations of visualizing and imagining the product and handy prioritization techniques, we will confirm the scope and form high-level specifications.

Make sure to communicate the right message everywhere

We will help you recognize and discover the power of visual communication. We will shape the message that is being emitted by your corporate identity or the brand of your product. We will calm the inner gut feeling of your customers so that they will trust what they see and give them maximum confidence. We will choose the right values for your brand and design the content that is most appropriate and applicable for the channels where your brand will apply.

Develop with best trends, standards, norms and technologies

We will develop and deliver your product in accordance with the highest standards, norms, approaches, and technologies. We are aware that software is a vital part of day-to-day business and represents fundament for your business. In order to ensure optimal delivery of your business value, our team of experienced experts will be working hard together with you towards project goals. You deserve prompt feedback on the progress so we prefer to deliver software using an agile methodology called a scrum, where we analyze, design, implement, test and evaluate features in short cycled increments usually 2-4 weeks long. This enables us to better monitor the quality of work and efficiently manage your budget. When your software is developed and handed over in use, we will provide maintenance, in accordance with the predefined strategy, to ensure that your software unconditionally and flawlessly runs 24/7.

Take actionable steps towards growing your sales

Our team of experts in the field of digital marketing will help you form your strategy, set objectives, define goals, optimize processes, introduce roles; to direct your business towards maximizing sales. We will help prepare the right marketing strategy that will outline your plan for acquiring customers for your product. Your website needs to be engaging, responsive, up-to-date and tuned for high volume impact. Your website and marketing campaigns need to be SEO optimized, content needs to be creative, original and oriented towards generating leads while lifting brand awareness and attracting target users. You will need social media campaigns and email marketing to promote your product. And while live we will help you to constantly monitor and analyze conversion so that you will be ready any time to take actionable steps towards growing sales and adjusting to market demands.

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